New Construction Painting

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  • With years of experience Leisuretex Painting Contractors have successfully completed the painting of numerous iconic buildings throughout Brisbane for the most demanding and enviable builders.
  • From the tender stage to awarding to budget costing’s to onsite coordination right through to the client handover at the end of the project, it is our ‘Make It Happen’ attitude that sets us apart, giving you a great final result that will last for years.
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Enterprise Bargaining Agreement
Having signed an Enterprise Bargaining Agreement (EBA), our talented painters Brisbane work competitively on projects both above and below $20 million in value.
Cement Rendering
Cement rendering gives your building a durable exterior finish which prolongs the periods between painting maintenance. This method is exceptionally well suited to creating a modern facade without incurring major additional costs, and can greatly improve the overall appearance and weather resistance of your building.
Class 5 Plaster Finishes
When you need a beautiful and high quality appearance Class 5 plaster finishing provides the top-level of plaster finish for optimal surface texture, porosity and appearance under all lighting conditions.
  • Leisuretex painting contractors Brisbane always look at the big picture (pun intended) when assessing your painting needs. We have the expertise to take into account the minor details and ensure everything gets seen to in a timely fashion, so your project is kept on track.
  • When engaging our Brisbane painting contractors, a member of our staff will have a meeting with you to assess and discuss exactly what you need painted, what sort of budget you have to work with and what sort of time-frame is most viable.
  • We will come out to the building site to assess the property by looking at the construction blue-prints and plans and speaking to relevant personnel or authorities for any further information which could prove helpful.
  • Once we have all the details necessary we will develop an accurate plan so we can get right to it and make the best use of our time, as well as providing you with a schedule of when you can expect the completion of each stage of painting.
  • Before painting commences a final meeting with all relevant stakeholders will be organised to iron out any last-minute details and go through a safety briefing and check.
  • The painters will wash down the façade to prepare the surface for paint application. Each painter is allocated a defined area to work on. Communication between staff on the job is maintained to ensure progress is made accordingly and any foreseeable issues avoided.
  • You will be informed and kept in the loop throughout the entire painting project and any questions or clarifications are welcome and answers will always be courteously provided by your painting project manager. We place the utmost importance on transparency for your peace of mind.
  • Our painters Brisbane will move about the property as unobtrusively as possible as Leisuretex do not wish to hamper your other contractors or staff in going about their daily duties, so your project can be completed on time and within the budget required.
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