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If you’ve ever dealt with a painting company for larger scale works, no doubt you’ve heard them talk about Paint Maintenance Programs.   So what exactly is paint maintenance, and why is it a vital aspect of any building maintenance schedule?

Like most people, your initial thoughts of a paint coating’s purpose is to beautify and enhance the appearance of your property.  Not only can it modernise the building, but it can also set different tones and moods.  A paint coating’s purpose extends well beyond appearances though, and equally serves the purpose of forming a protective coating over the item being painted.

So then, what is the advantage of having an annual paint maintenance program?

Simply put, by having the painter undertake an annual inspection of your property and the paint coating applied, many serious building defects can be quickly identified and rectified.  During a routine inspection, the painter will not only touch up areas where paint may have been damaged or peeling, but also identifies the cause of the failure by certain characteristics that the paint coating is producing.  For example, blistering paint can be an indication of water being trapped behind the paint, thus suggesting that there could be a water proofing issue in either the wall or ceiling.  Cracking in the substrate may also suggest movement in the structure and could be a minor repair if identified earlier rather than later.

As part of a routine Maintenance inspections, the painter should present the property manager with a detailed report of their findings, as well as what remedial work was carried out.  This report, whilst not an engineer’s report, can offer some insight into the general health of the building.  It should draw attention the whether any found faults have occurred prematurely, as part of the buildings general aging process, or if it is caused by wear & tear.

In addition to visual inspections, the types of products used in the initial works and on-going maintenance, will also determine the longevity of the coating and the item it is trying to protect.  Typically, a painter that understands the function and purpose of various products, will only use decorative coatings where significant overall protection of the substrate is not required.  Various other products that should be used as a means to protect the structure include the use of texture coatings.  This type of coating creates a membrane type barrier, which helps limit water ingress and ultimately, minimises the likelihood of water damage to the substrate.  Another advantage to using a texture coating is it can assist to prevent Concrete decay by limiting carbonation through vehicle exhaust fumes.  This is paramount in areas where vehicle fumes may not dissipate in a timely manner, such as underground carparks with no ventilation.

One of the more common types and visually noticeable signs of building decay would be rust on steel surfaces.  If not treated early, rust can cause irreversible damage to the substrate and therefore should be actioned in a very timely manner.  Initial signs of rust can be treated early and a protective layer placed over the area to prevent further decay. 

The general list of identifiable warning signs to building deterioration is too broad to be placed within an article, but is able to be identified and reported on as part of the general painting maintenance routine, which should always be personalised for your unique building type and surrounding structures.

So as you can see, paint is more than just a means to beautify your property, but also serves to protect and ultimately, save you countless dollars through preventative maintenance.

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