Specialists in Commercial Painting

We understand your needs and requirements for your business premises, to present your company in the best light and create a memorable first impression, as well as creating a clean, inviting location that brings people back.

Having a professionally finished paint job adds value to your establishment and brings about the benefits related to how your company is perceived by both your clients and your staff creating a warm welcome environment.

Commercial and industrial painting are at the core of what we do, and with years of experience in the field Leisuretex are commercial painters who complete the work to a high quality while meeting Occupational Health and Safety requirements, so you have the confidence of knowing you are working with a professional team. Having worked on many large scale corporate projects and have the expertise to ensure your project is brought to completion on time and on budget.

Commercial Painting Services

Utilising the best equipment and current painting methods, we have the capacity to ensure the work is done with a minimum of interruption to people who regularly use the site. Using a proficient workforce we ensure complete attention to detail and a premium finish to every project we undertake.

Our range of commercial painting services covers almost every building type, including the following:

Body Corporate Repainting, High rises, Gated communities, Unit blocks, Townhouses, Schools, Universities, Child care and Aged care facilities, Offices, Shops, Restaurants, Supermarkets, Shopping Centres, Convenience Stores and more!

If you have a premises or centre that is not included on this list, just confirm your details with our friendly team when you call and we can discuss options to suit your individual needs and requirements.

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High Quality Commercial Painting

Rebranding, end of lease repainting and renovations are just some of the areas that we can help you make a statement with from applying a fresh coat of paint with a professional finish.

We use suitable undercoating to ensure the final coat has a rich quality feel that can withstand years of use. If the premises need a clean before we start, we can discuss that with you, to ensure you get the long lasting job that won’t require constant touch-ups.

Using quality commercial painting services ensures you have the project done to an expert finish, saving you both time and money on maintenance in the future.

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Abseiling Painting Service

When the exterior of your building needs maintenance or repairs, abseiling can be a cost effective method of access to your premises. Our team is trained and qualified in this technique and we can provide free quotes for using this method on your painting project.

For unusual or tricky situations, or when smaller painting repairs are required, abseil access can save over half the cost involved with traditional scaffolding methods of painting.

If your location is larger and needs to use scaffolding, or is a new building site, we have the capacity and ability to make this happen with the most cost effective methods for your company.

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Sustainable Painting Practices

Being registered with the Lead Certified Painting Contractors of Queensland means we have completed the training for the Nationally Accredited module on how to treat lead paint hazards.

We are part of the group working to eliminate lead poisoning globally and protect the environment form lead being used in the future, as well as safely manage lead based paints from the past.

You can count on us to treat the workspace with sustainable practices ensuring that we use applicable resources in a responsible way, for both today and for the future.

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Brands we have worked with

Being experienced professionals, we have worked with some of the larger brands in Brisbane and throughout Queensland.

We continue to grow firm relationships with our clients, bringing the same quality standard throughout all the offices and outlets for their brand, bringing a face of excellence to the company, while adding value.

Our portfolio of companies include Caltex, Coles, Dick Smith, Queensland Rail, Cement Australia, Tyres and More, Crazy Clarks, Alpha Car Hire, Transpacific, Vision Australia, Scouts Australia, Bob Jane T Marts, Stihl, Incitec Pivot, Qantas and more!

Leisuretex Painting Contractors for all your commercial painting needs

Whatever your needs are, for any kind of commercial premises, we are able to complete the work you require efficiently and with minimal impact on the use of the site. No job is too big or too small for our trained team of professional painters. We will happily supply you with a free quote in advance to help you prepare your budget for the work required and then we will stay on budget at the completion of the job. You can count on us to finish your project on time, with a standard of work that will provide years of protection for the building while looking fantastic!

Call us on (07) 3341 3403 in Brisbane or email us at enquiries@leisuretexpainting.com.au with any questions or enquiries you may have.