Body Corporate Painting and Paint Maintenance Services Brisbane

Are you a Brisbane Body Corporate building manager, or, landlord who requires a fresh coat of paint for major developments, or, smaller maintenance painting jobs for interiors and exteriors of building blocks? If so, why not get a clear idea of your options.

Call our master painters to obtain a tailored quote and find out how feasible your intended project is. Whatever your painting needs and no matter the size of the job, we have the experience, know-how and equipment to do it all.

We can paint or touch-up Body Corporate owned buildings such as:

  • Residential and holidaymaker apartments, units, duplexes, town houses and units.
  • Commercially leased premises for businesses such as offices, shops, walk-ups and high rises.
  • Industrial properties such as factories, warehouses and storage facilities.

Our Staff Are Some of the Best in the Business

When you deal with us you will gain access to world-class painters who have made it through a thorough interview process and skills assessment so we can provide you with the most skilled and diligent painters available in the inner and outer Brisbane region.

Our staff hold themselves to high standards with an unparalleled work ethic and desire to excel each time they undertake a painting job.

Take the Stress Out of your Body Corporate Painting Project with Leisuretex Painting Contractors

Our team have a wealth of experience under their belt and know all too well how time-consuming and tedious getting approval for and following-through on Body Corporate jobs can be, whether in the realm of painting maintenance, general property maintenance or otherwise.

By choosing Leisuretex you will benefit from professionals who understand the ins-and-outs of Body Corporate projects. Though we cannot fill out and send-off the necessary documentation on your behalf, we can help walk you through the entire process, ensuring you have not missed anything and all the proper applications are filed, as well as, clarifying any questions you may have. Two eyes are better than one as they say.

The amount of due diligence required to be granted the green light by Body Corporate and continued box-checking at each stage of the process (from the tender stage through to task completion and client handover), can often feel overwhelming and mind-boggling.

The organising and paperwork involved such as application filing and making sure the relevant people and authorities are notified through the proper channels can feel just as large an undertaking as the actual painting job. No matter how thorough you are, it is not uncommon to have missed something vital which can end up causing problems further down the line.

We can work with you to ensure the painting of your apartment or townhouse complex is done on time and on budget, ensuring the required maintenance is taken care of for all owners and investors with ease.

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When Hiring Professional Body Corporate Painters consider the following:

  • Know your budget – Does the paint job fall within your Body Corporate financial plan and budget restraints?
  • Work with the painter to develop a detailed painting plan you are happy with. Ask for a levy plan for your records.
  • Plan and implement a colour schedule that suits the building (we can advise you on ideal options).
  • OH & S accreditations, you don’t want your painters to be at risk of harm and you should not have to gamble with the chance of being hit with insurance claims due to the negligence of others.
  • A maintenance plan for the estimated life expectancy of each item so you have a clear idea of when in the future you could expect to need paint touch-ups.

This is just an overview of the commitment Leisuretex Painting Contractors dedicates to every job we perform.

We provide absolutely everything necessary to complete the paint job with minimal disruption to the day-to-day activities of yourself and others within the property. From temporary fencing and signage, through to scaffolding and even the portable toilet on-site, we will provide it all.

We can also provide you with a range of other Body Corporate and related services including: cement rendering, class 5 plaster finishes, line marking, anti-graffiti coatings, abseiling, swinging stage works, and out of hours works.

Get the Most Bang for Your Buck

By choosing Leisuretex Body Corporate services for fresh coats, or, maintenance painting you will benefit from numerous advantages.

Leisuretex is comprised of dedicated individuals who have earned us the title of “Market Leaders in Project Management” by going above and beyond the painting task at hand. When you choose us we will ensure lines of communication are kept wide-open, from sales to follow-ups, through to guidance and clarifications, we ensure complete transparency in our business dealings.

Our paint products are environmentally friendly and our business has fulfilled the requirements of the Nationally Accredited Treat Lead Paint Hazards module so you know you are dealing with an ethically minded firm which takes environmental protection seriously.

Project managers who take your budget, time-constraints, painting needs, type of property and painting surface area size into consideration to present you with the best, tailored quote possible.

The high-quality paint we use ensures the painted surface will have its vitality and stunning colour restored to as-new condition. Longevity is assured so the paint will not suffer flaking and dulling for many years to come, reducing touch-up costs.

Call us today on (07) 3341 3403 and get your body corporate maintenance painting project off the ground!